Circular Saws

Foremost in the SIS range of blades is the Hotsaw Blade used throughout the World in steel section rolling mills, the name Hotsaw being derived from the cutting application where red hot steel section is cut to rough length at the final stage of the rolling process.

Cutting steel at temperatures well in excess of 500° C is probably the most arduous application for any blade.  Using manufacturing techniques developed over many years SIS produce what is widely recognised as the industry standard blade, produced and manufactured for SIS in England with flame hardened teeth, these blades are precision machined and subject to the attention of the Worlds leading Sawsmiths, apprentice trained craftsmen who through a combination of skill and experience ensure that SIS blades run accurate and true in the cutting application. 

Our Segmental saw blades are recognised in the UK as the superior blade for cold metal cutting. The UK leading steel stockholders and fabricators specify the SIS 54” segmental saw as their preferred blade for heavy cutting. Sheffield has always been the UK centre for saw manufacture, we are proud that our company name now incorporates that of the “Steel City” reflecting the quality and care that goes into production and service of these blades       

Tungsten carbide tipped circular saws of 800mms to 1500mms diameter are a speciality for SIS, used in the most demanding applications for metal cutting, we can offer new blades at highly competitive prices and service/repair to the highest accuracy with blades delivered/collected by our in-house fleet of vehicles.

Hot Saw


Used for cutting red hot carbon and alloy steels (over 750°C). Larger tooth pitch, possibly with extra gullet clearance, to prevent filling in. High pressure cooling and clearing of teeth and generous body cooling is vital to blade operation.

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Friction Saw

FRICTION - No LogoApplication:
Used for friction cutting cold carbon and alloy steels, usually multiple pieces. Finer tooth pitches used to generate frictional heat during cutting. High pressure cooling and clearing of teeth and generous body cooling is vital to blade operation. 

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High Speed Steel (HSS)

HSS - No Logo S

General use conventional cut-off blade for ferrous and non ferrous metals, also suitable for specific plastics.

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Conventional cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT)

High speed conventional cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, laminates and plastics.

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Blade Servicing and Repairs

Do you need your saw blades re-sharpening or repairing?

We offer repair services and blade repair machinery so get in touch to get your saws working like new again.

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